Zhao Jiajing

Zhao Jiajing (b. China) is a composer, sound artist, and new media artist based in London. In 2022 he graduated from the Royal College of Art with a degree in Information Experience Design – Sound Design.Zhao Jiajing works across multiple disciplines, including spatial sound, new media, performance, and installation. Key themes of his work include […]

Berlin Wibes – Christian Ogrinz

Wasserstoff is the pseudonym of Christian Ogrinz, who started making music in 1982 at the age of nine. Since then, he has come a long way both culturally and technically. Right from the very beginning, he worked with a mono cassette recorder. Sound has always been an essential musical parameter. Melodically, he is deeply rooted […]

Miko Szatko

Miko Szatko is a Glasgow-based electronic musician, artist and DJ also known as TRSSX. He got his MFA in Sound from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016, and has worked extensively within the club scenes of New York, Krakow and Glasgow. In his performances and compositions he creates environments that defragment […]

Philipp Rumsch

In my project, I would like to investigate ways of transporting productions in Dolby Atmos – which I create in my studio – into a 3D audio live context. The aim is to develop technical concepts for various projects – ranging from a twelve-piece ensemble to dance productions and AV shows – which can then […]

Nils Baumbach

Nils Baumbach/Jens Baumann works as a musician, composer and DJ. The music he makes varies from Jazz over more dance-floor orientated styles like Disco and Techno. With the mentoring he tries to explore ways to integrate electronic elements and 3D sound into his current live project which is focusing on live minimal music. His set […]


HASHIA constructs sites through sound scenography, plural narratives, poetry, music, DJ mixes, performance and theatre. Shey works in resonance with dreamscapes, the occult, mythologies, ancient technologies and ancestral memories. Shey has participated in EPAS (European Postgraduate in Arts in Sound) at KASK & Conservatorium / School of Arts Gent. Shey has taken part in intercultural […]

Antje Meichsner

Antje Meichsner is an audiovisual artist based in Dresden. She transfers her noisy ambient sound design and composition work into the 3-dimensional audio space. In the same time she questions the means of 3D-audio and it’s immersive impact about what does it narrate.

Kristaps Pukitis

I have worked in Latvian independent music and contemporary art scene more that two decades. Since 2006 i was leading independent culture center Dirty Deal Cafe in Riga (starting from creating program to cleaning toilets), afterwards, starting 2011, I focused on Dirty Deal Audio community / label activity organizing various artist releases with Latvian musicians, […]

X. Lee

X. LEE is a turntablist and experimental sound art performer/composer with roots in scratch turntablism, jungle, techno, noise and electro-acoustic contemporary composition. His work draws from his experiences in underground electronic subcultures. Through integrating interactive technologies and multimedia elements, he aims to explore design in physical and auditory space. His works have won multiple awards […]

Jasmin Scheuermann

I am a musician and sound engineer specialized in immersive audio. I was trained at the Music Conservatory of Paris (CNSMDP) and I’ve been working for 7 years in the Philharmonie of Paris as a sound manager. I worked on the concerts, as a sound system, front-of-house, monitor and recording engineer. I regularly worked with […]